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Foro Imagen:fabri04.jpg


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Parte angolata Imagen:fabri08.jpg

Cmacch=80000 $/h; Cop=50000; hwork=1700 h/y; Nop=1; c'=(Cmacc/nturn+Nop*Clabor)*1/(hlav*Ttasaoc)*1/Cindirectos=(80000/1+1*50000)*1/(1700*0.80*0.05)=852 £/h Cm=c'*Ttot=852*(0.11+1.3+2.73+0.5)/3600=1.1 £/h Cherr=c'*Tchange=852/60=14.2£/h Cnp=c'*Tnp=(852*10)/60=142£/h Ctot=Cm+Ch+Cnp=1.1+14.2+142=157 £/h

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Parte angolata Imagen:fabria4.jpg


Intaglio alla sinistra della zigrinatura Imagen:fabria6.jpg


Intaglio a dx della zinigratura D60 Imagen:fabria8.jpg


Ultimo spessore a dx D70 Imagen:fabria10.jpg


Foro D30 Imagen:fabria12.jpg


Total Costs: c'=(Cmacc/nturn+Nop*Clabor)*1/(hlav*Ttasaoc)*1/Cindirectos=(80000/1+1*50000)*1/(1700*0.80*0.05)=852 £/h Cm=c'*Ttot=852*(1.69+1.94+9.24+4.19+1.88)/3600=4.48 £/h Cherr=c'*Tchange=852/60=14.2£/h Cnp=c'*Tnp=(852*10)/60=142£/h Ctot=Cm+Ch+Cnp=1.1+4.48+142=147 £/h

Coffee Cup The following part is a plastic cup that can contain coffee or variuos objects, like pens and pencils. It can be obtained by injiection in a preformed mold that has the negative form of our product. The heated material is injiected in a runner that guides it throw a starting point, the plastic material uniformly distributes into the mold filling it up. After a period of of filling, the plastic refresh and reach the room temperature, at the end with a simulation software we can analyze the various steps, the time of injiection and the quality of filling. Imagen:cup1.jpg


After have drawn the cup on CAD we have analized the mesh, the simulation program divides the component in little poligonal form and approssimates what happen in every region of it. We have set a generic ABS plastic. The filling point where the heated plastic flows into the mold in set on the top after have turned from up to down the component.


ATTITUDE OF FILLING UP: the for of the cupi s easy to fill up and there aren’t mistakes in the injiection, as the image describes the colour green evidence the easy way to fill it.


TIME OF INJIECTION: the time that plastic takes to cover all the mold is near 9 second


PRESSURE AT THE END OF FILLING: the pressure reach the value of 4.76 Mpa that keeps on evidence that wouldn’t be any solidification defects Imagen:cup6.jpg

TEMPERATURA A FINE RIEMPIMENTO: At the end the material refresh and the higher surface is hotter because is the last entered in the mold. Imagen:cup7.jpg

SHEAR STRESS : the shear stress are low so we can say that the material would have a uniform surface. Imagen:cup8.jpg

Cooling Time: is the time the plastic takes to cool down, using a plastic materiali s very low and in this case is near between 10 second and 1 minute. Imagen:cup9.jpg

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Imagen:1.jpg Tasca d 38 Imagen:2.jpg Imagen:3.jpg Tasca d 34 Imagen:4.jpg Imagen:5.jpg Fori x2 d 12 Imagen:6.jpg Imagen:7.jpg Sgrossatura e finitura Imagen:8.jpg Imagen:9.jpg Pezzo 2 Imagen:10.jpg Imagen:11.jpg Tornio

Spallamento d 32 h 39

Imagen:12.jpg Imagen:13.jpg Foro d 37 Imagen:14.jpg Imagen:15.jpg Foro d 12 Imagen:16.jpg Imagen:17.jpg Fresa

Foro d7

Imagen:18.jpg Imagen:19.jpg Foro laterale d14 h 41

Imagen:20.jpg Imagen:21.jpg Foro laterale d12 Imagen:22.jpg Imagen:23.jpg Foro centrale d4 h12 Imagen:24.jpg Imagen:25.jpg Foro centrale d6 h14 Imagen:26.jpg Imagen:27.jpg Tasca quadrata 10x10 Imagen:28.jpg Imagen:29.jpg Pezzo 3


Imagen:30.jpg Imagen:31.jpg Foro passante centrale Imagen:32.jpg Imagen:33.jpg Foro 80 Imagen:34.jpg Imagen:35.jpg Foro h7 d100 Imagen:36.jpg Imagen:37.jpg Foro d8 x4 Imagen:39.jpg Imagen:40.jpg Foro M4 x3 Imagen:41.jpg Imagen:42.jpg Scanalatura laterale Imagen:43.jpg Imagen:44.jpg

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